For safety of both you and your car, you should at least visit a good carriage (some call it the expensive one) at least twice a year so they can computer check your car and give you good advice. Don’t worry; they don’t force you to buy their things, just advice. With their advice you can also ask them to prioritize the need to fix the issues following thess orders: Life safety, Current or Future effects to your engine or the whole car, comfortability. After prioritizing the needs, you may follow the following suggestions:

Lexus RX300

Lexus RX300 taken after rain

  1. Life Safety: There are things that you must fix them or they may put your driving in danger. In this case, you should either have them fixed immediately or leave it unused until you save enough money. You may also want to try using second hand spare part as it can be less costly. However, you should make sure they are fine to use.

  2. Current or Future Effects to the Engine or the Whole Car: This is a similar case to that in number 1 above; however, as long as it won’t affect your life safety as life is everything, it is fine. By the way, you should consider fixing it now or soon. Also, you may consider leaving it unused for sometime until you save enough as if you keep using it, it maybe even more costly. Replacing it with a standard spare part can be expensive but it can save you time and money in the future.

  3. Comfortability: You can breath freely now after the checking result shows that you have nothing to worry about dangerous driving or future damage to your engine or other parts and that they only cause some comfortability issues. You may fix it now or do it later if you don’t mind driving a car with less comfortability.

By knowing your car status, you can always enjoy your driving and feel safe. The last advice is to always DIY check your car before starting your journey especially for long distance trip, at least always see the light mark on your car dashboard. You are now ready to have a safe drive.

Personal advice from MPS


This is a list of former and current ASEAN Secretaries General with their pictures, Transliterated names, their universal names, years in office, and country of nationality. 
ASEAN Secretaries

តើអ្នកស្គាល់ពួកគាត់ទាំងអស់នេះទេ? ពួកគាត់គឺជាអតីតអគ្គលេខាធិការអង្គការសហប្រជាតិ និង អគ្គលេខាធិការបច្ចុប្បន្ន។ យោងតាមការសរសេរនៅលើ​ វីគីភីឌា អគ្គលេខាធិការអង្គការសហប្រជាតិ ឬ ហៅកាត់ថា UNSYG គឺជាប្រធាននៃអគ្គលេខាធិការដ្ឋាន​អង្គការ​សហប្រជាជាតិ ដែលជា​ផ្នែកសំខាន់​មួយរបស់​អង្គការ​សហប្រជាជាតិ។ ពួកគាត់ក៏ដើរតួជាអ្នកនាំពាក្យ និង ដឹកនាំ អង្គការសហប្រជាជាតិទាំងមូលផងដែរ។ អគ្គលេខាធិការនេះត្រូវបាន​ លោក ប្រធានាធិបតី អាមេរិក ហ្វ្រ៊ែងលីន រូសវែលថ៍ ផ្តល់ងារថាជា “អ្នកឃ្លាំមើលពិភពលោក” ក៏ប៉ុន្តែ​ការផ្តល់និយមន័យ​មិនច្បាស់លាស់​របស់ ធម្មនុញ្ញ​អង្គការសហប្រជាជាតិ​ បាននាំឲ្យ​មានការបក​ស្រាយ​ផ្សេងៗគ្នាដោយអ្នកកាន់តំណែងក្រោយៗអំពីតួនាទីនេះ​។ បើតាមវុិបសៃថ៍ របស់អង្គការសហប្រជាជាតិ តូនាទីនេះត្រូវបាន​ផ្តល់និយមន័យ​ថាជា “អ្នកការទូត និងតស៊ូមតិ មន្ត្រីសុីវីល និង ជាប្រធានដឹកនាំធូរកិច្ច”។

Do you know all of them? They were/are UN Secretaries General. According to Wikipedia, the Secretary-General of the United Nations or sometimes abbreviated UNSYG, is the head of the United Nations Secretariat which is one of the principal organs of the United Nations. They also acts as the de facto spokesperson and leader of the United Nations. The Secretary-General was envisioned by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt as a “world moderator”, but the vague definition provided by the UN Charter left much room for interpretation by those who would later inhabit the position. According to the UN website, his roles are further defined as “diplomat and advocate, civil servant, and CEO”.

UN Secretaries


I shall take all the troubles of the past, all the disappointments, all the headaches, and I shall pack them in a bag and throw them in the East River.
::Trygve Lie

Never for the sake of peace and quiet deny your convictions.
::Dag Hammarskjold

Every human being, of whatever origin, of whatever station, deserves respect. We must each respect others even as we respect ourselves.
::U Thant

There is no such thing as collective guilt.
::Kurt Waldheim

The patient is in intensive care but still alive.
::Javier Perez de Cuellar

So this is why I’m always say happy that somebody mentions Rwanda, because behind Rwanda, we have Africa.
::Boutros Boutros-Ghali

Education is a human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development.
::Kofi Annan

“Women must be full partners in development, so they can lift themselves and their communities out of poverty.”
::Ban Ki Moon

ទំរាំតែអ្នកវិទ្យាសាស្ត្រ​អាចធ្វើឲ្យមនុស្ស​យន្តរបស់​ខ្លួនអាច​ចេះរាំដោយ​រលូន​ដូច​មនុស្ស​នោះ មនុស្ស​យើង​បាន​នាំគ្នា​រៀន​រាំតាម​បែប​មនុស្ស​យន្ត​អស់បាត់​ហើយ។ ​ពិតជាច្របូកច្របល់មែន!

By the time the robots can be made to dance more like humans, we, humans, already learned how to dance more like robots. Robot and Human

Almost everyone of us has seen or heard of the Internet scam. Some of them are very tricky. They may pretend to be very wise or to be very stupid that some people can’t judge if it is real or fake. For those who are good at verifying information, it is not really a big problem but for people who always believe what they see to be true will likely become their victims.

The way they cheat people can be very different ranging from e-mail notifying of your winning a lucky draw, e-mail asking you to assist them in getting fund left by their dead relatives, e-mail pretending to be from one of your friends who are overseas asking you to help then claiming they are in trouble, web promotion to get free job like this one and so on.

In this particular case as seen in the picture, it is a website saying you can work with them online and get paid very highly. As seen they make it so real for basic Internet users. They show the flag of the victim’s nation and testimonials from people in the country you are living based on the IP it detects. After reading all the details on their website and you feel more confident, you will be asked to register with just a few steps and they will ask you to pay the start-up membership fee and as it looks so real and easy to get the job with little job experience required, many people have fallen into their trap. For those who need jobs, they might be risking their money as it doesn’t cost too much (around $30) to get the job. As it sounds easy, some people don’t want to consult their friends and people they know about this so they risk it alone.

My point of posting this article is to alert my readers who are not familiar with this kind of scam to be careful. Internet access has become easily available to more people; meanwhile, it also has become very dangerous to surf the web from day to day.

A screenshot of the Orkida English-Khmer Dictionary on Mac

Orkida English Khmer Dictionary has been used by most (if not all) Cambodian computer users for years since its inception. We’ve become loyal to it even we have many new replacements. It is simple, lightweight, and easy to install. However, as life keeps moving, we sometimes end up moving away from it unintentionally. In this article, I will be focusing on Mac users. As you move out of the Windows PCs, you miss many or some of your favorite Windows apps. Well, they maybe available also on Mac, for example Photoshop, InDesign etc. However, many are not available for Mac users. Although they have alternatives for Mac, they are sometimes not as good as expected.

Some are not available now, but we can hope they (developers) will make one for Mac OS one day. Still, there are applications that you will never expect they are made for Mac. Just like this old dictionary, I believe it will never be made available for Mac so I did a little workaround to have it run on my Mac without even the need to install Windows on neither Parallel Desktop nor VM Ware.

Please note that not all Windows applications can be done this way.  I will share with you guys soon should you wish to learn how to make it possible.

Screenshot of Xee

Xee in action-Screenshot

Xee គឺជាកម្មវិធីបើករូបភាពដែលមានទម្ងន់ ស្រាល លឿន និងងាយស្រួលប្រើសម្រាប់ម៉ាសុីន ម៉ាឃីនតូស។ វាត្រូវបានបង្កើតឡើងជាកម្មវិធីបើក និង គ្រប់គ្រងរូបភាព ដែលមានរូបរាងស្អាតសាមញ្ញ។

វាគឺជាកម្មវិធីដែលមានប្រយោជន៍ដែលអាចប្រើជំនួសកម្មវិធីបើករូបភាពមួយចំនួនទៀតដូចជា Preview ជាដើមដែលមាននៅលើ ម៉ាសុីនម៉ាឃីនតូស។  វាដំណើរការបានលឿន និងប្រើប្រាស់ម៉េម៉ូរី តិចបំផុតបើធៀបនឹងកម្មវិធីបើករូបភាពផ្សេងទៀត។  ក្រៅពីដំណើរការបានយ៉ាងលឿន និងរូបរាងដ៏សាមញ្ញនោះ កម្មវិធីនេះអនុញ្ញាតឲ្យអ្នកប្រើប្រាស់អាចធ្វើការកំណត់ នូវស្សតខ័ត បានតាមតម្រូវការ។  នេះជាកម្មវិធីឥតគិតថ្លៃដែលល្អបំផុតសម្រាប់បើកមើលរូបភាពនៅលើ Mac សម្រាប់គំនិតផ្ទាល់ខ្លួនរបស់ខ្ញុំ។

Xee is a lightweight, fast and convenient image viewer and browser. It is designed to be a serious tool for image viewing and management, with a sleek and powerful interface.

Xee is useful as a more powerful replacement for Preview, or most any other image viewer available on Mac OS X. It is very fast, and uses less memory than most other image viewing tools. Beside the best speed and simple interface, it has easily configurable keyboard shortcuts. To me, this is the best freeware image viewer on Mac.

អាចទាញយកបាននៅទីនេះ | Can be downloaded HERE. Or go to the developer’s site here

With Preview (Mac pre-installed image viewer), you will get bored of waiting to death. lolz