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Today is my birthday and to celebrate it I didn’t give out party; instead, I gave blood. To me Birthday means the day when my birth was given and during the delivery process, I am sure more or less, my mom lost blood. Another simple reason behind my blood donation is “Giving Blood doesn’t hurt, but it saves lives”.
This is my second donation and I will keep giving at least once a year, in particular, during my birthday. Also, I will give blood at anytime upon request from relatives or friends who need it. I strongly encourage everyone who has not done so, to try giving blood. They need a lot of blood to save more lives. Doctors told me the National Blood Transfusion Centre (NBTC)  always run short of blood as there are not many people coming to give blood each day, but more and more people need blood.
See, it’s a free way of celebrating your birthday. By giving blood, you are not only making yourself happy but many more people would be happy too.
giving blood

Giving Blood


As described in the image below:

kh mps temple

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By looking back to 13 years ago, I can see how much I have changed physically. I used to be a skinny boy weighing around 40 Kg when I was in high school, but in just 13 years, I have advanced to this heavy weight man weighing almost 100 Kg.

Then I think of when I was young. I still repeat the same phrase and act the same way today.

When I saw delicious food or things I wanted to eat, I asked myself “Hum, should I eat that? Then I came up with an answer to myself: No, I can’t. If  I spend all the money, I will have no money left for my study.” Then I stepped back and stayed hungry.

Today, when I open the fridge and see things I want to eat, I ask myself “Hum, should I eat that? Then I came up with answer to myself: No, I can’t. If I eat that, I will become fatter even faster.” Then I step back and stay hungry.

To sum up, when I was young, I couldn’t eat what I wanted just because I din’t have money to buy it. Yet, today, I sometimes still can’t eat what I want to eat just because I’m concerned about health issues. Sigh. There is always reasons to make life difficult.
10 years of change

រូបចេតិយរបស់ ប្រេសុីដង់បាដេស និង រូបសំណាកនារីក្លាហាន ដែលមានទីតាំង​នៅខេត្តកំពង់ឆ្នាំង។

President Bades’ stupa and statue of Neary Khlahan in Kampong Chhnag province.

This is a list of former and current ASEAN Secretaries General with their pictures, Transliterated names, their universal names, years in office, and country of nationality. 
ASEAN Secretaries

After a long silence from this blog, today I bring you a new picture of my sand Angkor replica. I led a team of a few people [they are all my nieces and nephews] to build this for a few hours in the evening of April 15, 2012. This building attracted many people who walked on the beach and by-standers. At least they stopped for a few minutes before continuing their walk. However, there were still a few people who messed with it. I love this after all.

The Sand Angkor

My sand Angkor replica

Christmas Card 2012 copy

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