My Fonts

As described in the image below:

kh mps temple

Click here to download the font.


Hi Everyone! After being silent for quite a long time, today, I bring you a new Khmer Unicode font namely Kh MPS Prey Veng. Tested with Adobe CS3+ products and Microsoft Office.

Click HERE to download.

Dear my like-minded friends and all: After releasing the handwriting style font, today another Khmer Unicode font is released for public use. The name of this new font is Kh MPS Jrung.ttf. Click here to download. Feel free to use and share. See sample bellow.

អាចទាញយកទៅសាកល្បងបាននៅទីនេះ | Can be downloaded here for testing.


Your comments would be highly appreciated. សូមមើលគំរូខាងក្រោម | See sample below:

by MPS