Many people are still unsure whether they should pronounce the Camera they are holding in their hands |nɪkɒn=នីខុន | or |naɪkɒn=ណាយខុន |. No worry guys. You may pronounce it either way. Just remember that |nɪkɒn=នីខុន |  is UK pronunciation and |naɪkɒn=ណាយខុន | is the US way.


Following is a brief information of how the Corporation came about:
Founded in 25 July 1917 as Nippon Kōgaku Kōgyō Kabushikigaisha, this growing company became a manufacturer of optical lenses (including those for the first Canon cameras) and equipment used in cameras, binoculars, microscopes and inspection equipment.

During World War II the company grew to nineteen factories and 23,000 employees, supplying items such as binoculars, lenses, bomb sights, and periscopes to the Japanese military. Not until 1948 was the first Nikon-branded camera released, the Nikon I and the corporation was renamed after its brand brand in 1988. Nikon (Corporation) is one of the companies of the Mitsubishi Group.