For safety of both you and your car, you should at least visit a good carriage (some call it the expensive one) at least twice a year so they can computer check your car and give you good advice. Don’t worry; they don’t force you to buy their things, just advice. With their advice you can also ask them to prioritize the need to fix the issues following thess orders: Life safety, Current or Future effects to your engine or the whole car, comfortability. After prioritizing the needs, you may follow the following suggestions:

Lexus RX300

Lexus RX300 taken after rain

  1. Life Safety: There are things that you must fix them or they may put your driving in danger. In this case, you should either have them fixed immediately or leave it unused until you save enough money. You may also want to try using second hand spare part as it can be less costly. However, you should make sure they are fine to use.

  2. Current or Future Effects to the Engine or the Whole Car: This is a similar case to that in number 1 above; however, as long as it won’t affect your life safety as life is everything, it is fine. By the way, you should consider fixing it now or soon. Also, you may consider leaving it unused for sometime until you save enough as if you keep using it, it maybe even more costly. Replacing it with a standard spare part can be expensive but it can save you time and money in the future.

  3. Comfortability: You can breath freely now after the checking result shows that you have nothing to worry about dangerous driving or future damage to your engine or other parts and that they only cause some comfortability issues. You may fix it now or do it later if you don’t mind driving a car with less comfortability.

By knowing your car status, you can always enjoy your driving and feel safe. The last advice is to always DIY check your car before starting your journey especially for long distance trip, at least always see the light mark on your car dashboard. You are now ready to have a safe drive.

Personal advice from MPS