Have you ever been notified of you being POKED by your friend on Facebook? Do you know or want to know what it means? Then I will show you, and I am sure you may somehow like it.

Screenshot of me being poked with Pokers’ identities erased

POKE is a special feature of Facebook with the sole purpose to draw another user’s attention. You receive poke alert because one of your friend on Facebook wants to attract your attention. It can also mean that they are saying HI or HELLO to you, so to reply, you can also Poke them back. The other use of poke is to alert Facebook friend so that they may browse your profile and read your new status or upload. It is similar to TAG in some case. However, unlike TAG, you can Poke your friend anytime even without posting or uploading any picture.

When you are poked, you will see a poke icon with a message that says, “You were poked by,” and the name of the poker. It also has an option to “Remove Poke” and another one to “Poke Back.” Some people use this feature to Poke friends back and forth as the way of playing game until either of them gives up.

To get even clearer picture of it is to think of when you are walking in a public place and at a sudden, one of your friend (who is not joining your walk) sees you and then s/he comes to you and taps you from behind and say HI.

Another picture is to think of when your friend Alarm Calls you on the phone. Sometimes, they alarm call you because they miss you, want to surprise you, alert you that they have just sent you a text message and to read it. I am sure you know many more purposes of making the alarm call.

However, one can only poke a confirmed friend, someone in a shared network, or a friend of a friend.

I hope you like it.