Today which is the second day of the 17th Conference of Parties known as COP17/CMP7, I joined the Green Tour which is conducted to promote the awareness on Green initiatives in Durban. We when to some places where green projects are being implemented. It was such a nice tour to explore this beautiful city.

Green Tour Bus each loads around 18 people. It starts each day from 10AM or a bit later and it will last no more than 4 hours. To be part of it, one has to register ahead of the start of the Green Tour or you can also try your luck without registering just in case there is someone not going. However, you are strongly advised to register ahead to make sure the seat is reserved for you. Along the way, facilitators explained us about their green initiatives and some related fact about Durban. After some traveling, there was a short break during which organic snack was provided at a pleasant and natural location. As part of this Green Tour, we also had a chance to meet the local tree-preneur and visit the site where indigenous plants are grown.

All local tree-preneurs can grow whatever types of trees they want but they are trained to select trees that are not invasive and alien. Then they can then exchange it for a note which they can use for buying food and paying their children’s education fees. They are not paid by cash as they believed that if those women are paid by cash, the cash may be improperly used by the husbands. Following are some of the shots from this tour.

Piseth, from Duban, South Africa.