Today (July 22, 2011), at Oxfam America, the National Climate Change Network (NCCN) voted to select new interim board members. Following is the list of successful candidates to be the board members of the network. It is believed that with the more formal role, this network will function well to represent the voice of the civil society in the effort to deal with climate change and to voice to the government on this mater.

1 Tep Boonny M Save Cambodia Wildlife
2 Kong Keo Sokunthea F Sarika radio FM106.5
3 Sours Sokha M Srer Khmer
4 Eric Bergthold M PACT
5 Nicole J. Sayres F The Asia Foundation
6 Mona Laczo F Oxfam
7 Graeme Brown M Building Community Voices

Source: Table from Oxfam America


Some photos from the voting————————————-

Interim Board Candidates

Candidates’ Bios

IMG 0259

Voting Result

IMG 0260

From left to right:Nicole J. Sayres, Tep Boonny, Kong Keo Sokunthea, Graeme Brown, Mona Laczo (Five of the seven successful interim board members)

Mission and Objectives of the Network

Mission Statement:

The mission of the National Climate Change Network in Cambodia is to contribute to the reduction of the magnitude and severity of the impacts of climate change by encouraging coordination and communication among stakeholders.


Overall Objective: To develop capacity among stakeholders in climate control-related issues in Cambodia.

Objective 1: Provide information sharing and capacity building among network members

Objective 2: Improve coordination on climate control actions among Civil Society

Objective 3: Create public awareness and participation concerning climate change

Objective 4: Improve the dialogue between donors, private sector stakeholders, academic institutions and the government

Objective 5: Influence the climate change agenda using a bottom-up approach