Following are the two common weird windows bugs out of many you might not have learned:

1. Impossible Folder or File Names

Have you learned that there are things in windows of all versions that are supposed to be possible but are impossible.

Have you ever been faced with problem when creating a Folder or File with any extension then it display an error message when you press Enter key? Then you just ask yourself why it is impossible to create such folder or file. Some might have been wondering if it is a virus which causes this; it is not.

See the picture bellow:


Here are the rest of names

PRN, LPT1, LPT2, (…), LPT9, NUL, COM1, (…), COM9, and CLOCK$

These names are the reserved device names that are now allowed to use to create folder or file regardless of extension.

2. Microsoft Word Trick

Open Microsoft Word and type this:

=rand (5,10)

Press Enter Key and you will notice a surprising result.