On April 06, 2011, the Women’s Media Centre of Cambodia (WMC) organized a party for the celebration of the Khmer New Year to come on the April 14. It is also an occasion to motivate staff after they have been working very hard through out the year to achieve WMC’s goals. It was also aimed at appreciating WMC’s board of directors for their contributions in terms of advices as well as strategic directions which contribute to the growth of WMC as of today. The celebration aimed also at promoting Cambodian precious tradition. Besides, this event marked the 16th anniversary of the establishment of WMC.

The event was divided into two main parts: religious ceremony and team building/social party. The religious ceremony started at 8 am beginning with the offering to Krong Peali (the name of the spirits that take care of the mother earth), followed by Buddhist blessings, filling the rice bowl. After finishing the religious ceremony, lunch was provided and then they took a rest. The party started at 4:30pm beginning with guest reception, welcome speech of the Acting Executive Director which officially marked the start of the party. The party ended up at 10pm. It was such a happy event within which every enjoyed watching various performances of staff, singing, eating, and dancing.


Staff joined the Buddhist Blessing session



Monks blessing staff with the holly water




Rice Bowl Filling

IMG 0252

Just before the party (Left: Virak, colleague)

IMG 0249

Just before the party (Left: Samnang, colleague and best friend)


Photo shooting session. WMC Staff
Photo by: Meng Sang, my colleague


Joining the game session
MCs: Phasoka and Ros Kong, right most


Let’s be dancing (Traditional way of dancing called Rom Vong)

IMG 6110

Dancing Saravan (traditional way of dancing)