blood donation

After having thought of giving blood for many years, today, I gave first blood with a friend of mind, Mono, in replacement of the blood needed for my friend’s father’s surgery. It will also be marked as my annual day of blood donation, which means I will give blood on every December 13. I am a person who has fear of injection (trypanophobia) and I thought giving blood might be a painful process. Now it changes. I am not that kind anymore. Hopefully, starting from now until the end of my life, I will have saved at least 10 or more people’s lives as long as I am a long-living creature. I am happy to do this. I was thinking of giving blood in every three months or six months, but I just wanted to mark annual blood donation. However, I may give blood on other day other than just 13 December in case there is any urgent need of blood to save lives.