After leaving Prah Sihanouk province weeks ago, I once again came here on Friday 29, 2010. I am here with some new friends working at Maruhan Bank and other similar industries. I have had a very good time here with them. Anyway, we had a very incredibly funny experience when we decided to go fishing. Following is a brief summary of what happened to us. After arriving at the Lum He Kay Beach and having a semi-picnic, we some of us, men only, decided to go fishing off shore. However, our attempt off share was not successful. Then we came up with an idea to rent a machine boat to go closer to Koh Poh (Island) so we could have a calm place for peaceful and enjoyable fishing. The plan was a success then. We were all there as we wished to.

Our first stop was useless because we could catch no fish, even a small one. Then we kept asking the boat guy to move around searching for a beneficial place. We kept going without catching one until around 4pm when we got the first small less-educated fish (sic). We didn’t give up so we kept fishing cheerily. Until around 5pm, we could catch around 10 fish, including a few thump-small ones, some are shown in the pictures bellow. Though we had bad time waiting for the fish to enjoy being caught, we felt a bit luck that late afternoon. We got more fish more frequently.

Believing that everyone would be waiting for us at the hotel, we left our fishing and we got back off shore. We enjoyed our cruise journey back. Arriving off shore, we had hard time finding a TUK TUK, so we just kept walking just in case we could find one near by. However, our expectation didn’t seem to be successful. We just walked hopelessly on our bare-feet, as most of the things were kept with our friends who were waiting for us at the hotel, until there was a truck coming from behind. We just tried our luck by waving at them. Luckily, they stop to drive us to the town. We felt like we were saved from hell cuz without this truck we would have walked miles. Thanks the driver who was very kind to us. He even didn’t accept our pay; he made it free to us. However, what was really bad about it is that, we left all our hard-to-catch fish in that truck. We tried to wave to stop him, but he just didn’t notice. Everything was finished. We had nothing to prove to our friends who were waiting at the hotel. Luckily, we could have some photos of the fish we caught to show them just to convince them we made it. Then we had a nice dinner at the beach in front of White Beach Hotel. Everything returned to its normal state.

Last but not least, we thank that kind driver for helping us get to the town safely and even for free.



Fish we caught



Bare-foot walk to the town.