Pchum Ben, the largest religious event in Cambodia, is an annual festival falling in either September or October depending on the lunar calendar. It covers 15 days honoring Buddha’s exhortation to remember the dead and during this time offerings are presented to Buddhist monks.

Following are some of the photos taken when I was visiting my hometown during Pchum Ben Day with some related descriptions.

Off the national road 1, this is the street to my home village. It is about 12 Km to get to my home. When I was here 9 years ago, this street wasn’t that nice. It was all muddy and flooded and I had to cycle on this street back and forth everyday to get to school, which is located along National Road 1. However, with motivation from my parents, I was cycling happily and here I am now.

Niroth, my nephew

Rice field far behind my home:

It all reminds me of the day when my oxen cart was going upside down in the evening making all the seedlings spreading all over the gutter. I was then very scared that my dad would blame me for the mistake, yet he didn’t; he rather explained me how to manage the oxen properly next time. We then collected all the seedlings back to the cart and continued transporting them to the rice field ready for planting tomorrow. I was at that time very small so I couldn’t manage this cart well. It is always easier to manage a car or bike.

My younger sister, Visal

Left: My elder sister

Left: my Mom. She is not a very lucky woman. Why do I say that? Actually, she is, but my point is that she has diabetes which is very bad for her. Being unlucky, I mean she had brought us up well through all the obstacles in life. More than 15 years ago, she was always alone at night, when my dad was away for business (he is always a responsible man, anyway). She was scared because at that time my home was very quiet and there were a lot of trees and crops surrounding and a bit detached from others making the home very scary (it was not the one they are living now; we just moved to this on about 10 years ago). She went through this nightmare and the hard work in the rice field for the sake of family and children. However, when we all are brought up well today, she gets such decease. This makes her out of some delicious food. Though we are good children to them, we still can’t care enough for her cuz we live far away from her. They live a like a newly married couple. (This may sound very personal cuz it is my personal blog, so your understanding would be appreciated.)

Left: My Dad, a very innovative and intelligent man, who can make use of things other people think are useless. He plants most crops at home ready for any cooking need (he doesn’t know how to cook, however). He used to be a very productive farmer. He always believes that clean home makes the rice field green making farming more productive. (He quits this work now. In stead, he runs small family business and it is very good). He makes the water pumping possible when he is doing rice milling so we have no worry of lacking water for daily needs. What is very noticeable is that he can use the Chinese abacus very well; he can calculate even faster than most people can do with calculator.

Second right: Vatei, My niece

Before going to pagoda. Left: dad, elder sister, me, mom, younger sister, my nephew. Front left: Cousin’s daughter, my niece.

Punleuk, My cousin’s son

Right: Pisey, my younger sister

Rose at home