LET ME USE MY FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: I really want to see the latest Mobitel (Cellcard) spot banned from all TV Channels. What is the value of the spot? Encouraging the youth to take a picture of a girl’s ass (I know the person in the spot is not a girl) and share it with a friend as the Internet is fast? The producer of this spot must be somehow unusual. If you want to promote your good Internet connection, then why don’t you think of something like “A friend is at school and taking the picture of the lesson their teacher/lecturer writes on the board and share with a friend who is on mission in the province”. This will lead to a moral that wherever you go (even you can’t attend the class), you still can follow the lessons. This also will show how a friend cares for his/her friend when your Internet connection is available everywhere. Please be always carefull of your spots as they can have bad impact on the society. Sic.