n English, in some case, when you ask to buy things for a dozen, they will give you 12 because a Dozen means 12. Yet, if you ask for a Baker’s Dozen, they will give you 13. It means a Baker’s Dozen equals to 13.

In reflection to Khmer (official language of Cambodia), it is also similar in some cases. We also have such units for things that are not really expensive such as fruits, or small animals. Here are some of the examples: corns, orange, papaya, mango, etc., yet not for precious items. For the case of the mentioned items units of collections will be used. Those include មួយដំបរ(Muoy Dambor) which is equal to four, មួយឡូ (Muoy Lo)​ which is equal to twelve; មួយផ្លូន (Muoy Phlon) equivalent to 40, and so on. Similar to the English case of Baker’s Dozen, when Cambodian sell things, they sometimes count 50 items as one PHLON (40). Corns are mostly counted 50 as one Phlon.