The current Khmer Unicode is already good. It just needs to be updated to work much better in all software and platforms. What is important is that there should be a committee to preserve and develop new terms in ICT and monitor the use of Khmer in ICT and other fields. Why is there a need to have such committee? It is very much important as we are not the one who invented such advanced technology, which means many terms do not exist in our language. In this case, the committee will be mandated to whether create new terms, translate if possible (Make sure the terms translated are short enough to read and remember), or use their original terms by only pronounce it in our language just as we pronounce កុំព្យទ័រ for Computer. Then ICT users must use this term when they want to refer to computer. There are thousand other terms such as Internet, E-mail, Website, Hard Disk, Theme, Mode, paste, etc. The committee will then publicize it through all kinds of available media as long as budget allowed.

If I am not mistaken, our greatest Monk, Chuon Nat, was honorably appointed to monitor the use of our language at that time. He would correct the official who spoke incorrectly in public. Also, what we need to do is to update the Khmer-Khmer Dictionary (Chuon Nat’s) so that new terms are included for the next generation to learn as there are many new words which cannot be found in it. The word ទិន្នន័យ (Data), for example, is not there in the dictionary as this term was created in c.1995.

Why do we need to do so? It is to promote the use of our language in ICT so that those who are not well educated and who do not understand English can also involve in ICT. When everyone is confident to use the language, then there will be thousands of resources available in our language.

I know similar committees are in existence such as the Royal Academy of Cambodia and the Buddhist Institute. However, I notice that they are not active in the mentioned aspect above.

Just for the hope to see our language used broadly and properly,