Though a bit slow, the connection works well. It is said by the company that it is 3G Connection, but as I were told, the coverage for 3G is still limited, which means it maybe many times switch to GPRS Connection. However, the speed is just enough for browsing through. I tested the download, and I could see the speed was only between 10kB/s and 17kB/s, with an average speed of 14 kB/s. I spent here around 12mins to download a file which is 10MB. This is a low speed if you are in pace, but that is ok for me because, at night, I just browse for the need of something related to my work such as design, and translation help. I just love it anyway. connected

It is to be noted that the company is fear for its customers. Why do I say this? Am I hired to speak for the company (word of mouth)? It is absolutely no. The reason I say it is fear is that we will be charged 1$ a day and each subscription will last only for 24 hours. In this case, if you don’t want to continue using the service, then you just don’t do anything. They don’t charge you. In case you want to resubscribe to the service, you just send a free message to register. In this case, I won’t be afraid to use it because when I have no money, I just ignore it. Then, when I have money and want it, I just subscribe. If it is to prepaid monthly, then I think it is not good for me as I am only rich at the end and beginning of the month (lolzzz) and I may not have time to use it everyday. I hope the company will stay fear with its customers and I hope to see it improved from day to day.

There is still one thing I don’t like about this company, though. It is the way it produces the calling card. English is prioritized compared to our national language (It is on top). When you see the card (Hello Card), you will notice and think about what I mention here. They should be aware that there are not many foreigners using the services. Cambodians are the major users. I hope the company will think about this so it won’t let me down as I have been its loyal customer for several years since I started using cellphone for the first time. Also, I wish to see the 3G connection available anywhere as its network coverage is.

How to Register:
– Go to Write Message
– Write 1
– Send to 8881
Then you will be confirmed shortly. That’s it.

NOTE: Make sure both of your phone and PC have bluetooth enabled if you want to connect it to your PC just as I did, do and will do. I will write more about how to connect to PC via Bluetooth if there are many people requesting me to do so, here.