Are you sometimes unsure if your important e-mail you sent is received? In such case, you will really want to make sure that your e-mail reaches your intended recipient.

Some time we can try to send our self a copy by using the option BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) which will send us a copy without letting the recipient know you are sending to yourself. Still, this is not a good solution, if the problem is not at your side. You may receive your own e-mail while your recipient may not.

So what else can you do? Following is the suggested way you should try.

Add a Read and/or Delivery Receipt


1. Create a new message. Click the Options button. The Message Options window will appear.

2. In the Voting and Tracking Options area, check Request a delivery receipt for this message.

Click OK

Now you can compose your message and send.


Create a new message and click on the Options button.

Check the option-Request a Delivery Receipt. It is much easier than the earlier versions.
Now you can compose your message and send.

This option helps you make sure your mail reaches your recipient. If you want to even make sure that your e-mail is opened by your recipient, then use the following option:

READ RECEIPT: (Follow the same steps as Delivery Receipt above)

This is a tool which lets you know further as it tells you if the message not only reaches your recipient but even opened.

Note: This only tells you the message is opened but whether they read or not is no more important. This option can’t help you anymore, lolzzzzzzzzz.


The above option is only for specific e-mail. If you want Delivery or Read Receipt for every of your sent mails, please follow the steps bellow. However, I don’t recommend you to do so.

This time, click on the main mail window. Go to Tools->Options->Select Preferences Tab. Here you can find a button named Email Options.

In the Email Option window, select Tracking Options.

Now tick what you want

Any question, please let me know! MPSINFO