Paul Octopus is right again on his prediction. The three-time world champion, Germany, was kicked out in the semi-final match last night which proved that this sea creature predicted correctly again. The Netherlands and Spain both have never been world champion since 1930, first FIFA world cup in Uraguay. One of them will break the world cup history on the 11th of July. After this final match, one of the two will become the new world cup champion, while the other will be the runners-up.

It is to be noticed that Spain has never been world cup champion or runners-up, while the Netherlands has been the two-time runners-up in the FIFA world cup history.

This so-called psychic octopus is shaking the world of media in Germany and somewhere around the globe., a website focusing on the matter around world cup wrote an article  Paul The Octopus Was Hacked, which describes

“Paul the ‘Pus is so incredibly good at what he does – eating delicious bivalves and correctly predicting Germany’s outcomes by which flag he chooses (he’s five for five) – he’s struck fear into the hearts and minds of German opposition. Of course, should the opposite occur it would send Germany into tumult, destroying the confidence of Jogi’s lads in the process and spearheading the Spanish to victory.

So the Spanish, presumably, doctored up the old Serbia photo, in which Paul correctly picked a German loss. And it fooled everybody. Everybody. Little bit of a ‘74 reverse, no?”

The 2-year-old octopus oracle was born in England but raised in Germany. Paul has proved to be a reliable oracle in the past — he predicted Germany’s win over Australia and Ghana and its loss to Serbia. During the 2008 European Championship, he predicted 80% of all German games right, Munzig said. “Either he was a bit ashamed that he gave up his English roots so quickly,” Munzig said, “or he was just absolutely convinced about a fast, overwhelming German victory.”

Munzig said that even though Paul was born in England, “he now carries a German passport,” because he has lived in Oberhausen for most of his life. Other animal oracles in German zoos cannot claim such a strong track record.