EDIT: It is confirmed dead now. My bad dream has turned true now.

My External Drive which has the capacity of 500GB is dying with only a 1% chance of rescue. If it is completely dead, it will take along with it my happiness as I will be losing the resources I have collected for my whole career. What is to regret is that sometimes ago, I moved most of the files from another one, which is only 160GB to this one keeping only software and some documents there. A few days ago, I was just thinking of buying a new one with the capacity of 1 TB (1024 GB), but I was too late. The night before it stopped working, I also noticed the problems as I found it hard to open each folder, but I could do nothing as the drive is the biggest one that I could not transfer anywhere before I buy a new one as intended to and I thought it might be just a problem of the plug and the port. Now it is likely over.

If the death is for sure, I will lose the following items:

  • My personal photos (Hundreds and thousands) of my life journey;
  • All my current work Dramas, Spots, and Documentaries as well as radio dramas;
  • Hundreds of Famous Movies and hundreds of funny clips;
  • All my 2D and 3D Cartoons (I will be missing all of these the most);
  • All my PC games, video music, audio music; Reading resources; and many more of my achievements;

Today, I went to three computer shops asking for a repair, but only one of them seemed to give me hope. However, the chance for a rescue may be less than 1%. They will try their best to work it out and will call me this afternoon.

The only thing I can do best now is getting me ready to face such frustrated event in life again.

I am sad!