On Friday, April 09, 2010, The Women’s Media Centre of Cambodia (WMC) celebrated Khmer New Year. It was a nice event of the year. We started at around 9:00Am with Buddhist Blessing Ceremony until 11:00am. Then we had a short rest before we had a party in the evening at 5:30PM. Everyone enjoyed this party so much as they could enjoy singing, dancing and gift giving as well as eating and drinking. I had a chance to sing a song called “Time and Time Again”, which is one of my favorite English songs. I used to attempt to sing this song when I joint sis Nimol’s son’s Birthday, but the pianists could not play it. They tried to play but seemed difficult so I decided to not sing. However, my attempt was successful here though they also had problem playing at first. They got settled after a moment.

ថតមួយលេងមុនទៅចូលរួមពិធី | Just one shot before joining the party

Let’s talk about the dinner. Everyone enjoyed eating the variety of food and drinking. Luckily I was not drunken because I was busy singing and dancing. That was why my colleagues had no chance to catch me to drink; otherwise, I would have been drinking a lot though I am not good at drinking. You know what, we had a lot of gifts of different kinds but with similar prices for everyone joining the ceremony. Thanks to the Management of WMC who organized such a joyous party for us. I wish you all Happy Khmer New Year full of joy and success.