This weekend, I visited Koh Takiev Island, Sihanouk Province, with my MDM classmates and their other friends. There were 18 people joining this trip including 4 foreigners. We left Phnom Penh at around 6:00am on Saturday and we had lunch at Veal Rinh Market. We arrived at Ream Beach at around 12:00pm. Without stopping at Ream, our team just took the arranged boat to Koh Takiev Island, which took us about 20minutes. Our cruise trip was amazing though there were a few friends feeling scared of big waves. We reached the island with everything settled down. On our arrival, a few of us played on the beach and swam as well as rowing the canoes.

We took a bath and took a short rest. Then we all prepared for the BBQ in the evening. When everything was set ready, we all walked to the other end of the beach. After we had finished our visit, we gathered and started our BBQ and enjoyed playing guitar afterward. We were a bit sorry when we had to go to bed at around 11:00pm which is too early. Yet, we had no choice as it was so dark and we had no light. Next time we will bring with us some candles.

We all slept well though there was rain at around 4:00am. However, it was not much windy; it was just warm enough for some to sleep except me.

In the morning, we had breakfast at a French owned restaurant. It was a bit expensive. Can you quest how much it cost us? One bowl of instant noodle cost us $1.5. Anyway, we all enjoyed it. After a short break, we went diving at the end of the beach where we could see coral and different species of fish.

After everyone had enjoyed diving, we left for Ream Beach and Phnom Penh. We had a wonderful experience there and everyone wished there would be next time again there together.


When we rent the Bangalore, we will have access to some equipment for free. Also, everyone there is very nice; they are helpful and kind.

The beach is also clean and large. The Bangalore is also nice to stay. Each consists of two beds inside and one outside. There is also good bathroom inside though electricity is limited. It is available only in the evening until around 10:00pm and charging equipment is limited.

Keep it clean. Don’t litter.

See the photos here.