It is shocked to have learned that Cambodian cars are not allowed to drive through the border to Thailand at Poipet Entry. I don’t know if it is a border rule but I am sure it is not all about that because I saw many big trucks and cars from Thailand with Thai license plates moving on the road in the Cambodian territory. Is it fear?

As I remember, we are to park our cars in our land and buy ticket and walk in to Thailand, but why can those trucks and cars from Thailand drive in our side like that? Yesterday I , along with my colleagues, was about to visit Thailand near Poipet Entry, but seeing this made us stop going in because we felt irritated with this unfair deal.

Can anyone explain me about this? Are there also Cambodian Trucks there in the Thai Side? If there are, then it is fair. Your explanation would be highly appreciated.

One more thing that I want to say is the store in the Cambodian side. When asked how much an item is, they will say like 100 or something. At first I was very shocked as I thought it was costly (I was mistakenly thinking it was 100$), but it was 100B. However, when you buy something and ask them the price in Khmer Riel, they will have to think for a very long time. They seem to have forgotten their own currency. I don’t mind if they sell goods in Thai Bath as it is near the border, but they also should be able to make it in Khmer Riel.

I think this maybe the culture. When near Cambodian-Thai border, we use Thai Bath and when near Cambodian-Vietnamese border, we use Vietnamese Dong. I used to be mistaken that maybe they use Thai Bath because it is more expensive than our currency then I come to think about Vietnamese Dong. Now I know it is Cambodian Culture. Remember, we cannot use our currency in their lands. We have to make exchange before going in. That is unfair again.