I am sure each of you has experienced trouble caused by computer virus. You hate the virus, but there may be sometimes when you add virus to your PC without realizing you are doing so. If you like opening your folder by double clicking on it, then that is the case. However, if you are a bit advanced in understanding how virus works, then this may not be a very big problem. When virus infects the folder, it will hide your real folder and then create a fake folder which looks just the same as your folder. Anyway, if your “Folder Options” is set to Show hidden files and folders and you uncheck the Hide extensions for known file types, you maybe able to notice the difference between Folder and Fake Folder (Virus) by seeing its (exe) extension. However, sometimes it even requires you to uncheck the Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) to see your files though it is not recommended to uncheck as you may delete some importance files, which cause problem to your windows. Following is an example of real folder and fake folder (after the two options mentioned are done).


E.g. Education (folder), Education.exe (virus). If you view the detail of the one with .exe extension, in the Type you will see Application, which means it will function just as an application when you double click on it.


To help you avoid all these mistakes, you are advised to always navigate or open your folder by clicking it on the left pane of windows explorer.

See how I do it in the picture bellow. This may help you to avoid mistakenly installing the virus file as virus is also a file and files do not stay in the left pane (except ZIP files).


I hope this may help you some.

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