my visit~1


Rice Field~1





These all look nice to me now, but they did not, around 9 years ago.

Let me share my past experience a bit as seeing all these brought back my memory as a farmer for around ten years. My livelihood was full of farming experiences. Most of the day I had to wake up at around 4:00 AM getting ready to go to the rice field. Imagine a child of 10 years old waking up in such cold dawn with most of the time raining. Also, many times in the evenings, I was alone in the field far away from home preparing the rice ready for planting tomorrow. It is still a night mere for me sometimes.

Luckily, we are no more farmers. In 2003 my parents decided to leave this job and started a small family business as they were tired of planting rice (my family used to be one the hardworking farmers) and all their children already left them to get educated in Phnom Penh. They just sell groceries, calling cards, gasoline, manage one rice-milling machine (while the rice is being milt, it also pumps water as my father connects it to a pumping stuff-I don’t know what it is called. It pumps from a well he drilled. With this, we have enough clean water supply for our family) and some others. Besides all these, my father grows a variety of vegetables and mixture of crops (for family use)-the photos show some of these. They are now living happy lives but a bit sad because all their children are now working and studying in Phnom Penh.

For just a visit, it is fun, but not for a living; it is not fun. Visiting my village in this season makes you feel relaxed as field looks green and fresh. Nice scenery along the way, rice fields and crops around my house. I will visit there again on Pchum Ben’s Days.

Moral: If you want to move out from farming, then get yourself educated with all your effort invested and never migrate to find job in the city unless there is a job really safe for you.