The Women’s Media Centre is Cambodia’s premier non-governmental, non profit media organization. WMC was born from a movement to increase the participation of women in the democratic process during the UN-sponsored elections in 1993. The WMC delivers innovative, national awareness and informative programs on a diverse range of issues affecting contemporary Cambodia, with a special focus on the roles and rights of Cambodian women.

Since its inception in 1995, the WMC has produced high quality, innovative radio, television and video productions designed to educate and inform Cambodians on a wide range of issues impacting on women’s rights and human rights including HIV/AIDS, trafficking, elections, domestic violence, decentralization and poverty.

In 1999, WMC launched its own radio station FM 102, which has become one of the nations leading radio stations, with 83.6% of 2005 national survey respondents stating they had listened to FM102 including 77% of all youth respondents. In addition, an outstanding 76.7% of respondents stated that FM102 programs had positively influenced their attitude and behaviour. Read More »


Those who are always fants of WMC dramas and Radio FM102 will have chances to listen to selected programs and watch its Drama online. Click Here or type this address to start surfing.