This is a story of a crime that happened in a room. There were five friends sharing a room. Their names were Nobody, Somebody, Crazy, Brain, and Stupid. One day, Nobody killed Somebody. At the time, Brain was in the bathroom. Then Crazy called the police.

  • Crazy: Is this the police station?
  • Police: Yes, it is. May I help you, sir?
  • Crazy: Well, I want to report a crime.
  • Police: Please tell me quickly, sir.
  • Crazy:Come on! Nobody killed Somebody.
  • Police: What?
  • Crazy: Nobody killed Somebody.
  • Police: Don’t you have a brain?
  • Crazy: Brain is in the bathroom.
  • Police: Are you Crazy?
  • Crazy: Yes, I am.
  • Police: Are you stupid?
  • Crazy: No, I am not. Stupid is reading this Joke.

Don’t get me wrong!


Original Story: Sms sent to me by a friend of mine. His name is Vuthy, but I am not sure if the original sms is composed by him.