Most men would still like to have sex during the periods of women. However, you may have a lot or questions before you actually do that. And one of the biggest questions you would ask or the most essential issue you would like to know is probably whether if it is safe to have sex during menstruation of women.

In fact it is extremely safe to have sex during the period of women. The main problem, if you think it is, is sex during menstruation may result in a mess. At the point you may probably understand what mess means here.

Although it is safe to have sex during the period, there are some basics you should know and be well aware. Without any surprise, blood is a medium in which certain infectious agents multiply, so you might want to consider that before starting. Also, the chance of getting HIV is probably sky-high with all that blood around. As a result, it will be better if you can use a condom. However, using a condom should be a must if you are not sure of your partner (may be it is just the first time you meet), no matter it is during menstruation or not.

And of course, if your partner is your one and only one partner and you are also her only partner, there is no reason why having sex during menstruation is unsafe.

Talking about the notion of mess again, although there is not problem to have sex during menses, in terms of medical reasons, it is better not to have that during the worst day of the woman. It is because there may be too much blood that will make everything a mess.

When you are having sex with your lady, you can consider putting a towel, preferably black or red colored, on the bed. This is done so that you can keep the blood of the sheets. And the dark colored towel will make you feel better psychologically. There is no limitation in sex positions. However, it may be better for you to stay on top. If the lady is on top, you will expect there will be quite a large flow of blood.

Although having sex during menstruation is safe medically, it is not without problem. There is still a chance of getting pregnant. Of course it will not be any problem if you already have plans to have children. Otherwise you are still advised to use a condom even if both of you are the only sex partner with each other.