In windows XP, you can change the windows default identity (Computer Manufacturer Logo and other information) and share your own private identity there. First you right click on My Computer then click on Properties, and here you will see computer manufacturer logo or empty area. So add your own logo there to make your computer more private. (In the following sreen shot, I used my own logo and information, and you can also have one.)

Follow the given steps to change the system default Properties identity:


Open NOTEPAD and write the following:


There are some standard keywords, for example Manufacturer, Model, Line 1, Line 2; you can not change these keywords. Now save this notepad file in c:/windows/system32 folder with file name, OEMINFO.INI.


Now choose your favorite picture to set as logo, using any picture editor resize the picture size approx. 150X150 pixels then save it in c:/windows/system32 folder with file name OEMLOGO.BMP.

That’s it. Now when you right click on My Computer and choose property, you will see the items you have made lately. Just in case you can’t see it, please try restarting your PC. I guarenteer there will be absolutely no harm to your PC.