ANSWER Number 1 Masturbation is natural. It also helps to lose wait, (mind you a very, very small amount) but still. However, not everyone enjoys it. This can be considered a health question, or a moral question. As a health question it has one answer: “masturbation is normal and will not hurt you physically.” As a moral or psychological question it will generate different opinions. Here are answers from FAQ Farmers:

  • No, it’s not bad for you, and anyone who would tell you otherwise is either uninformed or mean spirited (or they’re standing outside the bathroom door waiting to get in.)
  • It all depends on your personal beliefs. Some religious people consider it bad for your spirit.
  • Only if you are doing it to the detriment of other things in your life.
  • There is nothing about masturbation that is physically bad for you. There are some religions or parts of some religions which look down upon it, but most thinking individuals realize that is just a scare tactic to gain control over others.
  • No. It is definitely NOT bad for you. It is a medically proven fact that any sort of “normal” sexual gratification leads to a happier person as long as it doesn’t interfere with you everyday life. In addition to purely psychological satisfaction, the human body produces endorphins – the hormone in charge of elevated spirits and positive perception of the environment. Prior to the culminating moment of orgasm, the brain emits a dose of oxytocin – the hormone of the posterior lobe of pituitary. Oxytocin results in the production of sedative endorphins – natural analogues of morphine. Moreover, an orgasm spurs the production of estrogen with women – the substance, which eases premenstrual pains.
  • It’s good for you and normal.
  • Some of my best “O” I have given myself!
  • There is nothing wrong with masturbation AT ALL! It’s your body and you can do what you want with it as long as it is in private and doesn’t affect anybody else. It relieves stress and tension, surely that’s good for you? Happy self-loving!
  • Agreed. It’s all perfectly normal and good, clean fun. What’s more, the fantasies you have during masturbation can provide useful pointers to your sexual orientation. 🙂 SOOO, merry masturbation! Relax and enjoy!
  • yes its good so common do it
  • Not bad, but if you do too often, you may lose liking for normal sex

________________________________________ ANSWER Number 2

  • There is nothing wrong if you masturbate but over-indulgence on anything is bad. Like eating is good for health; it gives you feeling of satisfaction but over-eating kills you. Same way masturbation will satisfy you, re-energize you, but addiction of masturbation will make you maladjusted with your environment. You will not be motivated to study hard, work hard or find a good girlfriend/boyfriend for yourself as you are already getting high-satisfaction with less effort. Masturbation serves a basic need but it should not interfere with your basic duties of life.
  • Remember: “Hunger motivates you the most”.

________________________________________ ANSWER Number 3

  • Masturbation consumes you and takes your spiritual energy, this energy called “LifeForce” you may heard of it, the more you waste this energy the quicker you get old, the life force is vital to maintain your body healthy, in ancient times it is referred to one of the secrets of Immortality.

________________________________________ ANSWER Number 4

  • Masturbation is a way of life and it is healthy for you. So don’t feel ashamed when you do it. Because everyone does it.
  • Masturbation is not mentioned in the bible, but is not approved of in many religions. Masturbating is about yourself, not your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend. If you are masturbating you are pleasing yourself, not your spouse. I highly advise that you do not masturbate, except for with your husband or wife there.

________________________________________ Answer Number 5

  • Masturbation is somewhat of a gray area. It is not mentioned in the Bible but so many people object to it. Why? Masturbation is pleasing yourself through mental and physical stimulation. If you constantly think about it, it could be detrimental to your health. It is very possible to become addicted to it. Too much of anything can be bad. What you do, even in secret, whether you know it or not, affects others. What if somebody, say your mom or dad walks in on you? You are in for a very awkward situation. So my best advise would be to not masturbate.