January 1
The International New Year Day
Public Holiday
January 7
Prampy Makara Day
Public Holiday
March 8
International Women’s Day
Public Holiday
April 14-16
Khmer’s New Year (Bonn Chaul Chhnam)
Khmer New Year spans four days after the end of harvest.  It’s a time of merriment where Cambodia spring clean their homes, make offerings and play traditional games such as Boh Angkunh, Chaol Chhoung, Leak Kansaeng, and tug of war.
May 1
International Labor Day
Public Holiday
May 25
Bonn Chroat Preah Nongkoal

The Royal Ploughing ceremony or the opening of the Sacred Furrow, is the first of the traditional agrarian festivals.  In times past, on an auspicious day determined by palace astrologists, the King traced the first furrows in the Capital’s sacred rice field, inaugurating the Ploughing season.

Today, the ritual is performed by a man, King of Meakh, who leads the yoke and plough, follow by a woman, Queen Me Hour, who sows the seeds. After thrice circling the rice field, the procession stops at chapel where Brahmins invoke the protection of the Gods.

May 29
Visak Bochear Day
Public Holiday
International Children’s Day
Public Holiday
Her Majesty Preah Reach Akka-Mohesey Norodom Monineath Sihanouk Birthday
Public Holiday
October (1st week)
Bonn Phchoum Ben

Spirits Commemoration Festival is help for the spirits of the dead, Bon Dak Ben offering of food to the monk-last for 15 days of the ceremony  -the full moon-is called Bonn Phchum Ben, the collection of the Bens (offerings). During this celebration, if departed souls did not find their families making offerings at a pagoda, it is believed that the soul is cursed and will bother the descendent throughout the year.

October (2nd week)
Bonn Kathen
A religious festival where people donate clothing to monks. This act is said to bring spiritual merit to both the monks and the donors.
October 30 – November 1
Birthday of His Majesty King Norodom Sihanouk

Festivities are held throughout the capital city. A grand fireworks display is held close to the river banks in front of the Royal Palace ground.

Public Holiday.
November 9
Independent Day
Cambodia became independent State in 1953
Public Holiday
November 10 – 12

Bonn Ohm Tuk

A three-day festival not only marks the reversing of the current in the Tonle Sap river but ushers in the fishing season as well.  The highlight of this event is the boat race in which  more than 200 teams compete over three days for the top prize. As night falls, fireworks light the sky and a lighted flotilla of boats sail under the full moon.