Salary negotiation is the most neglected part in job hunting process. Most job seekers usually adopt the “take it or reject it” attitude. However, if you understand the art of negotiation, you can really make thousands of money in minutes. Below are just some basic negotiation tips.

  • Don’t be afraid of negotiation, you can’t get it unless you ask for it.
  • Do your home work and understand your market value before you go to your first interview.
  • Do not talk about your salary expectation until the employer is ready to make you an offer.
  • It would be in your advantage if you ask the employer what’s the budget range for the position.
  • If the employer insist on asking your salary expectation before interview, give them a wide range with the low end no less than your current salary or a little bit higher.
  • Don’t negotiate unless you’re really interested in the company and would consider a reasonable offer if they give you one.
  • Don’t make your decision too quickly. Whenever you get an offer, ask for some time to consider the whole package.
  • Say specifically what you want in the negotiation, be it higher base salary or more generous bonus package. If you only say you need some more time to consider the offer, the employer doesn’t know what you really want.
  • Consider the whole package instead of only the base salary. You should also consider your benefit package like: health insurance, vocation days and sick days, retirement savings plans, bonus plans, stock option, tuition reimbursement plans, etc.
  • Always thank the employer for the offer and state your interest in the position.
  • Never lie about your salary history, that might be the ground of termination if the employer find it out after they hire you.
  • After you and the employer agree on an offer, always ask for the offer in writing. You should sign two copies and save one copy for yourself.
  • If you have another offer under consideration, mention that in your salary negotiation. But don’t lie if you don’t have one.
  • If the employer is firm on the offer, ask if you can get reviewed in 3 or 6 months instead of one year.